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Export/Import & COORDINATE

We are acting as a total supportive corporation providing related service for steel-materials, half-machined or finished steel products going across the border. We therefore build the bridge of business between suppliers and customers like you. We also import consumer steel products snd we are selling them to the consuming public in Japan.


Our Handling Steel Manufacturers(In alphabetical order)
Asahi Industries Co., Ltd
Godo Steel, Ltd
Kobe Steel, Ltd
Kyoei Steel Works, Ltd
Mitsubishi Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Nakayama Steel Works, Ltd
Nihon Koshuha Steel Co., Ltd
NKK Bar & Shapes Co., Ltd
Osaka Steel, Ltd
Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd
Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd
Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd


We are providing Japan's excellent metal machining technique such as forging, casting and heat treatment. Likewise we are able to respond to variety of concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact us.


We are looking for the following suppliers in compliance with high demand of Japanese consumers.

Non Ferrous Metal, Steel Material, Machining Products, Bearing Forging, Metal Surface Treatment by contract, Plating by contract, Flask, and Steel-Made Furniture, etc.
Please let us know what you can supply to us.