National Holiday in Japan

* When "A National Holiday" falls on Sunday,
the next day comes into effect instesd.

Holiday in January
New Year's Day: 1st Celebrate a commencement of the year.
the Second Week Monday
Congratulate&encourage youths turning the age of twnety and becoming aware of grown-up.
Holiday in February
National Foundation Day: 11th Recall the National Foundation and develop one's love for the country.
Holiday in March
Vernal Equinox Day:
about 20th(Fixed by February of previous year)
This day, the length of time between day&night comes equal.The spring equinox.
Holiday in April
Green Day: 29th Commune with nature and develop broad mind.
Holiday in May
Constitution Day: 3rd Celebrate the enforcement of constitution, and expect the growth of the country.
A National Holiday: 4th In case of the day before and the day after fall on holiday, it comes into force.
Children's Day: 5th At the same time that we strive happiness and respect personality for children, be thankful to mothers.
Holiday in July
Ocean Day: 20th Named after the Emperor Meiji arrived safe from Aomori to Yokohama by the ship, "Meijimaru".
Holiday in August
The "Bon" Holiday:
around 15th for three days
Summer holiday for corporation
Holiday in September
Respect-for-the -Aged Day: 15th Love and respect for the elderly people who did best for the community many yaers.
Autumnal Equinox Day: about 23rd
(Fixed by February of previous year)
This day, the length of time between day&night comes equal.The autumn equinox.
Holiday in October
Psysical Culture Day:
the Second Week Monday
Named after the Tokyo Olympics held in 1964.
Holiday in November
Culture Day: 3rd The birthday of The Emperor Meiji.
Labor Thanksgiving Day: 23rd "Niinamesai"(Value the work and the celebrate the production)
Holiday in December
The Emperor's Birthday: 23rd Celebrate the birthday of the Emperor.
The Year-End Holiday: from around 29th Holiday at the end of the year.